Thursday, 6 February 2014

Why Congress is supporting Modi?

In 2002 Riot took place in Gujarat. Gujarat accounted death of Hindus & Muslim. Narendra Modi was Chief Minister at that point of time, the killing of innocent people clearly proved that Modi administration failed to control the riots. In style of Congress,”We can say that Modi administration didn’t try to stop the riots.”

Congress & leaders of congress are trying their best to bring back the 2002 Gujarat riots in main stream to use it against Modi to fight his Development marketing & to stop Modi to reach 272+. My observations clearly pushed me to believe that Congress is helping Modi with every remark of Gujarat riots.

How Congress is supporting Modi?

Congress is making Modi a Super hero by portraying him as killer of people who killed Kar Sevak or put the train on fire at Godhara station. Many Hindus strongly believe that if there won’t be any reaction to what happened in Godhara then it will be difficult for Hindus to live in peace & get respect in their own country.

I observed that there are group of people who over whelmed Modi more when Congress started campaigning him as Killer of particular community. It’s not good sign for secular India but it is true sign of mentality of people in India. There are few intellectuals who won’t approve my theory but it’s true. Many hindus are worshipping Modi because he set the line for particular community.

The supporter of Modi increased due to his involvement of killing (Not proven) in Godhara. They are the people those who think that every terrorist activity in our country is directly linked with particular community. They don’t support killing of innocent people but they support action against a particular community. They want a leader to protect them from particular community and they see that leader into Modi. Congress is making Modi a super hero for them.

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