Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Why Rahul Gandhi came on Times Now?

We all saw the Interview of the year between Rahuk Gandhi & Arnab Goswami. Rahul Gandhi did his best in interview and we all know that he has to learn a lot in politics. I salute Rahul Gahdi for taking the all the questions directly from Arnab. Rahul Gandhi should get award for appearing in interview against Arnab Goswami.

Why the Congress selected Times now than NDTV & CNN IBN?

I read in Hindustan Times that Congress men selected Times Now for interview as it’s most watched News Show. The News Hour has highest TRP in all prime time show. My theory B is not ready to accept what congress men are saying for Rahul Gandhi interview on Times Now. I am going here with all the speculations in my mind about Rahul Gandhi interview on Times Now.

Why Not NDTV?

We all know that NDTV has some soft corner for Congress. They must be having their own good amount of reason but we all know that they criticize the Congress very late than other news channel. For congress it’s channel of their friend which can be taken care of easily so they preferred Times Now than appearing on NDTV.

Why Not CNN-IBN?

We all know the real owner of CNN-IBN group. It’s sad part for democracy when a media house is owned by corporate business company, sadly CNN-IBN falls in this category. It’s been said many time in past that Congress & Reliance are very close to each other. It’s not difficult for congress to request Reliance that CNN-IBN should not carry negative story about congress. I want to make it clear that CNN-IBN has shown BJP as top party in pre-poll surveys. Congress can request them not to carry negative story.

Why Times Now?

We all know that it’s difficult for anyone control Arnab Goswami. We all know his interview with Omar Abdullaha. We all know how for weeks they carried story on Nitin gandkari. Congress knows they can’t manage the Times Now or to be precise Arnab Goswami. If Rahul would have come on NDTV & CNN-IBN then Arnab would have ripped Congress & Rahul Gandhi part by part so they preferred Times Now than NDTV & CNN-IBN.

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