Monday, 27 January 2014

Why Digvijay Singh took RS route?

Digvijay Singh filled his nomination for Rajyshabha from MP. Digvijay Singh is mentor of Rahul Gandhi & He is one of the core persons in Congress strategy decisions for Lokshabha Election & he took the possible easiest route to go to Lokshabha. Does it mean that He has fear of loss in coming Lokshabha elections?

On one hand Rahul Gandhi telling his party workers to be ready for 2014 election and on other hand Digvijay Singh & Madhusudan Mistry nominated for Rajyashabha. Doesn’t it point out Questions in your mind? Why to take easiest route of Parliament when you are expecting other to fight the battle & win.

Digvijay Singh’s tweets read,"Filing nomination for RS today. In this age of Youth all of us over 65 should move on to the House of Elders ! Thanks to all who wished me.

But I am not satisfied for answer he gave, to choose the route for Rajya Shabha. The party which follows the Gandhi with so much passion should also learn from Gandhi. Gandhi always told people to do things which he did himself. In my suggestion Digvijay Singh Should fight the election of Loakshabha and win than taking route of Rajyashabha.

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