Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Curious Case of Aston Martin at Peddar Road

The Media which is always ready to break story on private
life of every public figure seems no more interested in The Curious Case of
Aston Martin at Peddar Road. You can read the details of accident on Forbes magazine
website. The car involved in case is family car of the Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani.
The case got captured in some news paper but it didn’t become social campaign
despite having a name of India’s Biggest Business tycoon in case.

Social Media took some effort to put the case on but most of
the Social Activists didn’t come forward to retweet and comments of Twitter
world. I only saw tweet from Dr. Swami Ji & Mahesh Murthy on said subjects
and most of other twitter personality selected to be silent on this issue. I
was expecting a topings from Amul on this case but that too didn’t happen.

If you will read the details in article of Forbes then you
will come to know that how even the powerful people can play with law if they control
Business, Politics & New Channels. Sardesai Rajdeep who is a very respected
man in Journalism chose to be silent on this issue as he can not brake news
against his own master. Let’s see what The Curious Case of Aston Martin at
Peddar Road will get from court of law.

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