Thursday, 16 January 2014

Rahul Gandhi & Theory B

Hello Mr.Rahul,

I read in media that you have hired a firm for Re-branding for you & Congress. I wrote a post in Feb 2011. I request you to read that post . Please go to the link & read it. after reading my post you will come to know that there is no need to spend 500 crore for Re-branding. You just have to make a team which should keep reading & observing people's behavior. I wrote this post in Feb 2011, it means you lost opportunity cost of  3 full year. It's time for you to follow theory B. You should add few common man in your team who follows the theory B.

What is theory B ?

You should watch Brad Pit movie Z War. in that movie they have shown that one nation makes a team for analysis of every political, national & international situation, in that team they keep one person (lets say X) to keep thinking opposite of other members of that group. If all the group members are saying it's impossible then person X has to say it's possible & he will work in that way. If all the group members are saying that it's possible then person X has to say no it's impossible & he will work in that way. I am talking about theory B because I am sure people around you always told that Congress will come in power again in 2014 ignoring the way government was garnering negative status in the mind of common men.

If you observe my blog then I have criticized congress in every possible occasion but will do the same for every political party which comes in power & failed to perform in correct manner. I am writing this blog, keeping in my mind that your team will read my email in front of you. I want the people of India should always have option to select to whom they have to vote. So I request you to make the changes accordingly. Please get a person X in your team for opposite feedback from other members of your team.


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