Monday, 13 January 2014

No to AAP

Being critic is easiest job in world. I know many people who never got chance to play Galli cricket but they suggest that how Sachin should have faced that ball. I know many who can’t recite a line in proper manner but they criticized Himesh Reshmiya and his singing style. I know many who can’t speak a proper line but they criticize the acting skill of Salman Khan. We are very good critics. When I say we, I mean that each & every citizens of my beloved country The India. We know all the rules and regulation when someone else is guilty for something & we criticize them but same “We” changes his mind when they themselves are in fault.

Aam Aadmi Party took birth from Anna’s movement supported by RSS &VHP (VHP is core pillar of BJP). AAP won delhi election formed government from support of Congress. Now AAP is enlarging them on National level and at large they are sharing vote bank of BJP. Every member of Aam Aadmi Party criticized the Congress for their alleged involvement in corruption charges during the Scam Decade in history of India. They criticized congress & bjp on all possible events. Pre Delhi election they were the critics as I told earlier that’s easiest job in world & we all the citizens of my beloved country The India are ready to do this job of criticizing being on other side of job.

Now AAP is no more critic, as they are in Government. It’s turn of our beloved country The India’s citizenz to criticize the decision and action of AAP. My initial research suggests me that AAP is right now not ready for National level politics. There are some of the decision in Delhi government suggest that they will bring back the Pre 1991 India to us. Do we need pre 1991 India? We have to apply for phone line & we’ll get the connection in 10 years. Do we need that? AAP is behaving like a political party, which is against the idea of Privatization. Every economist theory & economics will say that growth of country will be more when Private sectors got ample opportunity to work & expand so we can’t bring back Babu Raaj to demoralize the private sector and the growth of India.

The famous columnist, Tavleen Singh wrote in Indian express, “So let’s talk about AAP’s economic vision. It is usually best expressed by Prashant Bhushan, who unfailingly makes it clear that he despises the private sector for ‘looting’ resources that in his view belong to the people of India. He forgets that this is exactly what Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi believed, so they banned the private sector from most areas of enterprise and poured people’s money into the public sector. It was when public sector companies failed to make profits (except for corrupt officials) that the private sector was allowed in, but only in a small way. No matter what the losses of ‘Coalgate’ and 2G, they are minuscule compared with the losses caused by coal that burns in underground fields and the natural gas that is wasted daily because public sector companies do not have the technology to exploit it.

The another famous Author Chetan Bhagat wrote on his Times of India blog, ”In a bid to come across as a hero to voters, AAP announced free water, and a bizarre subsidy-based cut in electricity tariffs in Delhi. Some estimates say this could cost thousands of crores a year. This money could have been used for hospitals, schools, flyovers, employment generation and a dozen other purposes. The poll promise was to reduce the alleged corruption in the electricity sector, and pass on the efficiency gains to the people. The cheeky accounting and subsidy-based reduction was irresponsible. If the AAP tariff decision is extended pan-India , the cost could be lakhs of crores a year. Such moves can not only wreck the country’s finances, they will send the wrong signal to private players who will shun investing in India’s electricity sector. It helped AAP win some instant applause, but did it help India?”

The recent announcement of AAP for withdrawal of FDI in retail from Delhi is another pull towards the road for Pre 1991 India. We all know that Government expenditures are always more than government Revenue, we always got Revenue deficit budget. Our Current Account Deficit is always in minus because we import more than our export. India as country is able to balance, Foreign exchange due to FDI. Isn’t FDI made our stock market higher than we can think? They inflated the prices of Real state but at same time they also helped in development of India & to increase the GDP of India. We need FDI so we can develop our India. AAP can have some additional regulation to regulate it but abolishing it completely is not a right decision at all.

Aam Aadmi Party & it’s member as critics are did great job. We all the citizens of beloved country of The India are good in this job. AAP has to learn for performance & implementation of work or the critics will ripped it apart because we the citizens of beloved country of The India are good in criticizing and ripping the things not satisfying to us. the very same thing they did with congress in Delhi election. It's time to be Sachin, Salman, Himesh and we will take care of other side.

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