Friday, 3 January 2014

Congress Men against Congress

Case 1

I suddenly noticed jump in number of Congress Men opposing Congress party & It’s decision. It’s all started with Shree Rahul Gandhi. We all know that Mr.Gandhi openly ripped of Ordinance passed by Congress in context of criminal politician. Day before Mr.Rahul Gandhi’s action various leader of Congress on various News Channels were supporting & giving explanation for need of ordinance.

Case 2

In Delhi Mr.Rahul Gandhi was supporting Jan Lokpal & in Mumbai congress rejected the report of Adarsh scam. Milind Deora came in rescue of Rahul Gandhi & said 

Case 3

AAP declared that Delhiwalla has to pay less electricity as they have cut the prices to 50%. After that Sanjay Nirupam demanded same from Maharashtra Government. If I am not wrong then Sanjay Nirupam is in Congress & Congress is running the government in Maharashtra. I failed to understand why Sanjay Nirupam raised his voice against his own party. He behaved like opposition than member of Government party.

Do you know why suddenly Congress Men raising voice against Congress?

I guess they also know that taking side of Congress is not going to help anyone so better come clean & stand alone.

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