Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Bigg Boss – Indian Politics

Colors reality show Bigg Boss scored more TRP than all it's previous versions. I too followed many of the episode of Bigg Boss in this season. It's so difficult for participants to keep the fake mask on in such environment. Though I am sure that there are many, who got the success to keep their mask on.

We need that our few minister should be added to Bigg Boss house then we’ll able to know about what they think about our country. Sanjay Nirupam & Sindhu went to Bigg Boss house but Sanjay Nirupam came out in 1st week only & people treated Siddhu as comedian & cricketer than Politician.

Most of our Political leaders are like Bigg Boss house contestants. They always hide their original face from people. They live the life of two characters in same time. There is one thing common between Bigg Boss house and India in present, that both the places people want to see the real face of contestants.

We saw lot's or attack & counter attack in Bigg Boss house and we enjoyed that but The fight to keep India alive is painful. We are still below in life standard measurement of human life. There are many people sleep hungry in night. There are people who don't have place to live but our Politicians are fighting to gain power.

We are Bigg boss of Indian Politics. We vote and send person to parliament but we don’t have power to sack them before 5 years so we have to calculate all the risks carefully before casting our vote. We have to follow rules & regulation to keep the idea of India alive. We have to go & vote to make sure that right contestant should win.

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