Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Sethu Samundram Project – Mumbai

Sethu Samundram Project (Considering the time name suits

Dahisar (East)

Mumbai – 400068

One fine day around January 2013.

I saw JCB machines on road {Shiv Vallabh Road, Dahisar
(East), Mumbai – 40068}. I have given the link below for google map in case you
are interested to know the actual location. JCB machines started digging road.
Citizens were surprised that why such a fine road is getting destroyed. We came
to know that the road will be renovated with full of concrete slabs so there
should not be any major wear & tear in future.

Shiv Vallabh Road

Locals got happy that in few months the entire 0.5 Kilometer
patch will be of concrete. In few days, we noticed that JCB machine disappeared
from road. There were hardly 3-4 guys from contractor team to carry out the
work. The work was progressing slower than the Ekta kapoor’s Serial. I reported
same into Citizen Journalist website of CNN IBN but I guess, The Contractor
didn’t read my reporting on website. Contractor repaired patches in pieces by
Mid 2013 & left the side.

I am posting couple of pictures, I had posted on CNN IBN
website below .

One fine day around October 2013.

JCB machine popped up
again & they started digging the remaining part of 0.5 Kilo meter road. The
contractor is following the same method which he followed in phase 1. The way
development of road is taking place it will take another 6 months. The slow
pace of contractor is creating traffic problem & chaos for local people. 

I am posting few new photos of road, I clicked yesterday.

It’s almost a year
for this 0.5KM project. The way renovation of this 0.5KM road is taking place, I
decided to name it “Sethu Samundram Project.”

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