Thursday, 26 December 2013

Poster Boy of BJP – Narendra Modi in trouble

Central Government has announced probe in allegations of Snooping by the Gujarat government. We all know that if government will be in fault then Narendra Modi will be in fault too. BJP has said that this commission is to nail Mr. Narendra Modi as congress failed to do anything against him and he is threat for Congress in coming Lokshabha election.

Arun jaitely said, “The Central Government has announced the setting up a Commission of Inquiry to probe the allegations of alleged snooping by the Gujarat Government. This action is politically motivated. The Congress Party has not learnt from the drubbing it got in the elections recently. It has continued with its strategy of fighting Narender Modi not politically but through investigative agencies and now through a Commission of Inquiry.

The Gujarat Government has already set up a Commission of Inquiry to inquire into this issue. The setting up of a parallel Commission by the Central Government ostensibly on the pretext of this issue covering more than one State is without any basis. This action legally is a suspect and liable for challenge. I am sure it will be legally challenged in courts. The setting up of this Commission violates the federal structure of the Constitution. It is an affront to the States. I hope other Chief Ministers also join in the protest against this action.”

Commission has to submit the report in three months time. Timing of report is also a trap as per BJP person, as that will be peak time of Lokshabh election and small mistake of Narendra Modi will break his dream to be PM of India. I don’t know why BJP is giving so many reactions for this probe. If as per BJP Narendra Modi has no connection with snooping then let’s chill. Government announcement of probe & BJP’s reaction makes one thing clear that Poster Boy of BJP – Narendra Modi is in trouble.

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