Monday, 16 December 2013

My letter to Rahul Gandhi on recent loss in states election

December 9,2013.I wrote a letter to Rahul Gandhi for which I didn't get any reply. I have sent my feedback for better growth of Congress & I guess he is learning from feedback. below is transcript of my email sent to him.

Dear Mr.Rahul Gandhi,

I heard that you guys are having meeting in Delhi for your all round loss in state elections. I wrote many times that You have to change your mentor list. Please give more chance to people like Shashi Tharoor, JaiRam Ramesh, Milind Deora & Ajay Makan. Please ask your brigade to come on ground & take feedback from local people. There is big gap between your party brigade & aam aadmi.

Corruption is another issue where you have to look & transform your party. Did you ever see 24 on colors. Brother is Law of Aditya is planning for his demise. Please note in your case also story is same though there is nothing like murder but recent corruption charges on vadra for which he got clean cheat from Hariyana government looks like eye wash to the Aam Aadmi. People have more trust on khemka than Hariyana governemnt.

Your party is secular so therefor we should vote for you. It's not going to work anymore. Unemployment, slow growth of economy, policies paralysis are some of the other reasons why your party failed & will fail again if you won't take care of them. Please note that launching Social welfare scheme for a particlular segment of society is not going to help you. Your party should look for over all development of country.

I will suggest you & your team to take social media feedback seriously. all the people talking against Congress is not a Troll. There are many people who gives their serious feedback. Put your team on work to listen & draw a chart of feedback & changes suggested on social media. Please connect more with people than going into isolation every time.

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