Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Missing my School Days

In Life nothing is permanent, like our school days. As pappu also passed and distributed DairyMilk.In School we only had the fear of our Teachers & Homework.at that time I used to think as soon as I'll finish education,I'll go on job and work there without tension of Teacher and home work.I enjoyed a lot as student but was always wanted to be on Job at the earliest.

I was having so many friends with whom I used to play or you can say fight.There are very small group girls with whom I use to talk.My talk with girls was limited to yaar teri history ki book dena,maths ki book dena,kal tution kitane baje aana hai.the life was fun with limited small group.we were not having any social networking site.I used to shout to call my friend from his house.

We use to play Lappa-Chhupi,Langdi,Kanda-Fodi yes our all the gmaes were desi with their desi names.We played cricket also but not to the level as today chilldern are playing.we use to have Pani-puri,Dosa,ragadaa as our evening nasta.We use to see movies on cabal as DVD was not so easily available.

The School days were awesome.

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