Monday, 23 December 2013

Is it too late for Rahul Baba?

We saw tremendous change in the political environment of
India after AAP won in Delhi & BJP won the other 3 states with thumping
majority. AAP won 28 seats and BJP won 32seats in Delhi but surprisingly BJP
didn’t come forward to form government in Delhi, saying that they don’t have
enough number where as buying for MLA of congress was not that hard deal. BJP
want the clean image before Lokshabha election so didn’t get involved in buying
of MLA.

180 Degree change?

Congress & it’s yuvraaj took the state election loss
seriously & started the damage control tactics. Congress passed the Lokpal
Bill & gave the entire credit to Rahul Baba. We can see Rahul Baba now days
in various socio economical functions. I presume Ajay Makan is leading the
charge to promote him at social media. Rahul Baba & Congress doing their
best to change people perception but I guess Narendra Modi name has been embossed
on people mind. Rahul Baba has to learn many things from people in Congress like
Shashi Tharoor.

On one side Congress is giving all the credit of Lokpal bill
to Rahul Gandhi and on other hand Maharashtra Congress rejected internal committee
report on Adarsh Scam. I guess Rahul Gandhi should take credit for this work
also. The double standard of Congress shows that they just want to make people
fool again & not interested in making any serious change. Rahul Gandhi is
running too late to change people perception. I will suggest Mr Rahul Gandhi to
keep working the way he is doing & take the blame of 2014 loss & not to
leave ground until he will win again in 2019.

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