Monday, 23 December 2013

AAP – BJP – Congress & The Politics of India

There is saying in politics that here no one is permanent enemy. The recent development in Politics of India is one of the class examples of this saying. Aam Aadmi Party took birth from India against corruption movement. Anna Hazare was projected leader of India against Corruption Movement. The movement to get lokapl was supported by Aam & Khas Aadmi across the country.

RSS played very important role for success of IAC movement. Their volunteer participated in the IAC movement as the movement was build for strong Lokapl & against congress. Congress government created new history of scams so people very easily moved against congress & IAC became super successful. Leaders of BJP also shared stage with Anna Hazare in IAC movement.

Aam Aadmi party took birth as Congress & BJP were in assumption that people come in social movement but they won’t turn into vote against them. Their ignorance towards the Aam Aadmi gave the best debutant victory to Aam Aadmi Party. BJP decided to seat in opposition & Congress extended support to AAP for forming government in Delhi. AAP is same party who thrashed the Congress in Delhi but then also they are ready to support AAP for xyz reasons.

AAP has decided to fight Lokshabha Election and no wonder they will win few seats but the surprising fact is that they have decided to start there Jhadu Yatra from Gujarat. Gujarat, which has been projected as Role Model of development in India? AAP has now decided to fight against BJP…….BJP is same party who shared stage with Anna in IAC movement.

Isn’t it interesting?

#AAP took birth from #Anna movement supported by RSS & stage shared by #BJP leaders for strong Janlokpal & against Congress. Now going to form government with support of Congress & AAP has decided to open battle against BJP. It’s difficult to understand politics but it’s more difficult to understand politics of India.

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