Thursday, 21 November 2013

AAP effect

AAP is barely a year old party, formed by people who are
totally new in the field of politics but AAP effect in politics of India is noticeable,
especially in coming Delhi election. When Arvind Kejariwal announced the
formation of AAP, many people told that it’s nothing but media creation. AAP
blacked out them self from media for few months or other way around.

AAP effect in present political scenario of Delhi is
acknowledged by everyone, Including the parties of Grandpaa & Paa(congress
& Bjp pun intended). What I noticed that AAP is changing mind set of middle
class population, who always thought that election participation is for poor
people. I noticed with AAP movement middle class is taking active role in

No one can predict that who is going to win the election in
delhi but media & other political parties instigated me to write this post
and say that AAP looks like party of AAM AADMI. There are many CDs, Tapes are
coming out against AAP and which again instigate me to believe that AAP is
taking the lead in Delhi election so more & more mud will be thrown on

Politics in India was never easy so for AAP also it won’t be
cakewalk. AAP has to work hard and their main offering of moral & honesty
needs to be intact to gain more & more people trust.

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