Tuesday, 19 November 2013

3 Mistakes of Congress

We all know that soon Congress will complete 10 years in
center under leadership of Shree Manmohan Singh ( lol ). There are various
achievement (as claimed by various congress leader & TV advertisement) of
congress in said period. Congress worked for the poor people of country and
Food Security bill is one of the Key achievements of Congress Government also there
are numbers of scam took place in this regime of congress (as shown by various
TV News Channels & New papers).

I was watching some comedy show and all of sudden a Question
pop up in my mind. The question was “3 mistakes of congress?”. I found that
anti-incumbency against congress was not only just due to the scam &
failure of government on many front but also bad pathetic comments, decision
drafted, forced or passed(to be passed) as law for people.  I didn’t fiund it little difficult to get the
answer of my question. I recalled incidents one after another in last ten years
I got the answer.

3 mistakes of congress ?

Mistake No.1 – Shree Kapil Sibal

I read a week ago,”good Kapil Sibal became politician as his
future as lawyer will be bleak.” I also read he is good for nothing more than
getting Notary done from court (pun intended). His most stupid achievement was
promoting student upto 8th without exam. I also read somewhere that
now student of 7th student has IQ of student of 3rd
standard thanks to Mr.Sibal achievement. He also came with classic idea of
controlling internet & putting social media under censor. His achievement
& ideas always helped congress to get more & more criticism from people
across country. He was last seen defending government ordinance on criminal
politicians, which was ripped apart by Rahul Gandhi.

Mistake No.2 – Shree Sushil Shinde

It wasn’t surprising to me when Congress declared Sushil
Shind’se name as Home Minister of India. Congress in his tenure has surprised
me many time offering chairs to people on merits best known to congress only,
be it President Ms.Patil, Speaker Ms.Kumar or shinde. so shinde with his now
and then comments on various critical issues made himself & congress a
laughing stuff.

Mistake No.3 – Shree Digvijay Singh

I don’t know why Congress called him from his exile from
politics. Digvijay has been compared with Rakhi Sawant. It’s been told that he
is Rakhi Sawant of politics (no one takes her comment seriously). Digvijay
singh has decided never to keep his mouth shut, whenever he speaks, people look
for sense in his words. There are many who now even don’t listen to him and
feel he can compete best with Kapil Sharma at 10pm slot for some comedy

So Three Mistakes of congress is Kapil sibal, Sushil Shinde
& Digvijay Singh.

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