Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Brand – Gandhi

I read many times that after independence Gandhiji wanted to
dissolve Congress but many people including Neharu were not ready for the
dissolution of congress. They continued with Congress name and in mean time
Gandhi left the world. Pre Independence Congress was incorporated for National
Freedom Movement and post-independence they got involve in ruling India.

History of India has been written considering Gandhi &
Congress in lead role. In school text book it was more of Congress Biography
than history of India describing freedom movement. Many other leaders &
revolutionary didn’t even get a chance to be in the history book and few were
lucky enough to get a paragraph in the history books. Their contribution was
over shaded by the Congress center history of India. Gandhi became a big brand
and congress started cashing that to rule India.

Indira married to a Parsi guy and and due to some
opposition Gandhi gave his surname to that Parsi Guy. From there onwards Neharu
family became Gandhi family. Gandhi was brand so Congress started making it bigger brand or can say larger than life.
No one can dare in India to talk against Gandhi but sad in same India Gandhi
shot dead in broad day light. Assassination of Gandhi added more value in Brand
image building of Gandhi & Congress.

Can Assassination make brand?

Have you ever noticed photo of Neharu on any of the Congress
banner. Every Congress banners start with Gandhi, Indira, Rajiv because they
all were assassinated. Congress always tried their best to gain the brand image
of it’s dead family & leaders. Congress always asked people to vote for
them because Congress leaders & Congress participated in freedom movement
of India. I believe Gandhi had foreseen the future of politics & congress
so he was keen on dissolution of Congress.

I respect Gandhi but at the same time it doesn’t mean that
Congress should ask for vote on the name of Gandhi. If Congress says they are
the followers of Gandhi then I don’t believe it because there is something
called 1984 sikh massacre in which thousands of Sikhs have been killed because two
sikh guys killed Indira for ordering operation blue star. Congress doesn’t follow
Non-violence so they don’t follow Gandhi. They made Gandhi big brand and they
are using it for their political gain.

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