Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Congress - The Communal Party

Congress claims to be the secular party in India. They
believe in social equality & don’t play politics on basis of caste &
community. Congress leaders are claiming to be secular party on every front so
the Mr. Rahul Neharu Gandhi started claiming so.

Congress every time talks about Minority, to be precise
about Muslims & their conditions in India. Keeping aside the fact that they
have been in Government in major time from our independence & they are
solely responsible for conditions of Muslims.

Congress is talking about reservation on basis of caste. It’s
UPA government who increased the reservation Quota everywhere on basis of caste
& community. They are giving more weightage to cast than merit & quality. Congress every time promise new package to Minority but they
never delivered it after winning election. The politics of reservation on basis
of cast & community will create more troubler & tension among the youth
of India.

India is adding 10million unemployed youth every year. The discrimination
policy or to be precise the reservation policy will infuse the anger between
community and reservation will be more harmful for India than giving benefits. Congress should stop claiming to be secular party as they
are more communal than any other party. They are dividing India for vote bank.
They should stop doing politics on basis of caste & community reservation.

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