Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Brand – Gandhi

I read many times that after independence Gandhiji wanted to
dissolve Congress but many people including Neharu were not ready for the
dissolution of congress. They continued with Congress name and in mean time
Gandhi left the world. Pre Independence Congress was incorporated for National
Freedom Movement and post-independence they got involve in ruling India.

History of India has been written considering Gandhi &
Congress in lead role. In school text book it was more of Congress Biography
than history of India describing freedom movement. Many other leaders &
revolutionary didn’t even get a chance to be in the history book and few were
lucky enough to get a paragraph in the history books. Their contribution was
over shaded by the Congress center history of India. Gandhi became a big brand
and congress started cashing that to rule India.

Indira married to a Parsi guy and and due to some
opposition Gandhi gave his surname to that Parsi Guy. From there onwards Neharu
family became Gandhi family. Gandhi was brand so Congress started making it bigger brand or can say larger than life.
No one can dare in India to talk against Gandhi but sad in same India Gandhi
shot dead in broad day light. Assassination of Gandhi added more value in Brand
image building of Gandhi & Congress.

Can Assassination make brand?

Have you ever noticed photo of Neharu on any of the Congress
banner. Every Congress banners start with Gandhi, Indira, Rajiv because they
all were assassinated. Congress always tried their best to gain the brand image
of it’s dead family & leaders. Congress always asked people to vote for
them because Congress leaders & Congress participated in freedom movement
of India. I believe Gandhi had foreseen the future of politics & congress
so he was keen on dissolution of Congress.

I respect Gandhi but at the same time it doesn’t mean that
Congress should ask for vote on the name of Gandhi. If Congress says they are
the followers of Gandhi then I don’t believe it because there is something
called 1984 sikh massacre in which thousands of Sikhs have been killed because two
sikh guys killed Indira for ordering operation blue star. Congress doesn’t follow
Non-violence so they don’t follow Gandhi. They made Gandhi big brand and they
are using it for their political gain.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Congress - The Communal Party

Congress claims to be the secular party in India. They
believe in social equality & don’t play politics on basis of caste &
community. Congress leaders are claiming to be secular party on every front so
the Mr. Rahul Neharu Gandhi started claiming so.

Congress every time talks about Minority, to be precise
about Muslims & their conditions in India. Keeping aside the fact that they
have been in Government in major time from our independence & they are
solely responsible for conditions of Muslims.

Congress is talking about reservation on basis of caste. It’s
UPA government who increased the reservation Quota everywhere on basis of caste
& community. They are giving more weightage to cast than merit & quality. Congress every time promise new package to Minority but they
never delivered it after winning election. The politics of reservation on basis
of cast & community will create more troubler & tension among the youth
of India.

India is adding 10million unemployed youth every year. The discrimination
policy or to be precise the reservation policy will infuse the anger between
community and reservation will be more harmful for India than giving benefits. Congress should stop claiming to be secular party as they
are more communal than any other party. They are dividing India for vote bank.
They should stop doing politics on basis of caste & community reservation.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sachin No More Matters

We all respect the cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar. His contribution to the cricket cannot comparable with anything. His devotion for the game is respectable. He contributed a lot in the glory of Indian cricket journey. He was part of team India for lifting the world cup. We all salute Sachin for all mile stone he achieved during his cricket tenure.

I believe that Sachin retirement was long due. He should have taken the retirement, when India won world cup. He decided to continue without thinking that there are many young people in India not getting chance due to him. There was time when if Sachin departs from the ground then India failed to score but things changed after entry of Sourav, Dravid & Youvraaj in team.

There are many young player in team India, who started performing better than Sachin but due to seniority of Sachin they were replaced. I also noticed the trend when it’s up to sachin that whether he wants to play for team or no. We saw he didn’t play for one day international but gave preference to IPL and played for them.(This line is to clarify the love towards Team India or Fame(Money)

Sachin no more matters!

Sachins’s retirement no more matters!

Thank you very much sachin for taking retirement from cricket. As told earlier it was long due. I am very thankful to you for clearing the path of younger people. India is pool of cricket and now in every state there are much better player than you. Your retirement was good for you and I am very much sure that there are many people who wanted to see you calling off.

I know you have done lots of endorsement. I know corporate India wants that there money should not go waste. I know that they will try their best to keep The Brand Sachin alive so we here cricket won’t be same without you. In my view cricket has changed a lot so the choice of viewer. I also noticed that you were not fitting the choice of changing viewer.

I also noticed that sachin you declared your retirement when all the media were covering Delhi gang rape and Congress was in trouble. You called your retirement from test when media were covering Andhra Pradhesh agitation and congress was in trouble again. Was it to favor congress or just coincidence. At the last “Galib Bura Na Man Jo Vayaj Bura Kahe Aisa Bhi Hai Koi Sab Achha Kahe Jise.”

Once again thank you for going.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Nayi Pant by Kamaal Ke Bol

Kalanki Avatar - V

2032, India

Kamal Ram ki mrityu ke do mahine me hee Bharat ki dasha aur
disha sab kuchh badalane lagi. Charo taraf ka mahol bigadane laga. Charo taraf
afra tafri ka mahol tha. Shasan kisi bhi tarah ki rahat pahuchane me nakam tha.
Rashtriya Hindu Party ka har neta Pradhanmantri banana chahta tha aur desh me
ho rahi ghantano ki taraf dhyan na dekar rajnitik jod tod me laga tha.

Anti Social activities badhane lagi, criminal graph phir se
upar chadhane laga. Achanak se Bharat phir 2013 ke mahol me pahuch gaya tha.
Gangwar, robbery, murder phir se News papers ki headlines ban gaye the. Police aur
sabhi sarkari tantra fail ho rahe the. Political leaders eas situation ka
phayada lena chahate the easliye unhe eas kat maar me maza aa raha tha.

Aam aadmi ek bar phir apne aap ko unsafe mahesus kar raha
tha. Sadak par chalna ab mushkil tha. Har kadam par dark a mahol tha. Kamal Ram
ke marane ke kuchh hee mahino me aisee halat hogi aisa kisi ne kalpana bhi nahi
ki thee. Aam aadmi phir se masiha ki talash me tha. Aam Aadmi ki jindagi jangal
ke janwar ki tarah thee, jise pata nahi tha kisi or se kab koi janali prani
aakar unka shikar kar lega.

Aur phir

Bharat ke har kone se ek ke baad ek
 Murder ki khabare aane lagi. Media ke pass to OB vains kam pad gayee har
murder ki coverage dikhane ke liye. Police, Prasashan Sabhi samajh nahi paa
rahe the ki ye kya ho raha hai. Prasashan me bade avadho par baithe afsaro ki
tadat kam hoti ja rahi thee. Har taraf Politicians, Gangstars, Government
officers, Business Men mar rahe the.

Shayad se Aam Aadmi ka masiha aa chukka tha.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Kalanki Avatar - IV

2032, India

Kamal Ram ke upar huye hamale me vo buri tarah ghayal ho
gaye. Hamala karane walo ko Kamal Ram ke bodyguards ne vahi dher kar diya.
Kamal Ram ko Delhi ke sabse bade hospital me dakhil kiya gaya. Doctoro ne Kamal
Ram ke halat kafi nazuk batai aur unka operation shuru kar diya. Kamal Ram ke
body me se kul 15 bullets bahar nikali Gayee par Doctor Kamal Ram ko bachane me
asafal rahe.

Kamal Ram ki mrityu se pura desh hil gaya. Charo taraf gam
ka mahol chha gaya. Kamal Ram ne Bharat ko ek aisee bulandi par pahuchaya tha
jahan pahuchna har Bhartiya ka sapna hota hai. Kamal Ram ke janaze me bahut
bada jan shailab umada. Desh aur videsh ke bade bade log Kamal Ram ki antim
Yatra me aaye. USA ke president ne bhi Kamal Ram ki antim yatra me bhaag liya.

Kamal Ram ke shok me pure desh me ek hafte ka band ghoshit
kiya gaya. Kamal Ram ki cheeta ki again abhi bujhi bhi Nahi thee aur Rashtriya
Hindu Party me agale Pradhanmantri ke nomination ke liye Utha-Pathak chalane
lagi. Kamal Ram ke rahate bahut se Rashtriya Hindu Party ke Neta Pradhanmantri
pad par baithana chahate the par Kamal Ram ki kabiliyat ne unhe hamesha nirash

Bharat ki Rajniti ek naye daur se gujar rahee thee. Kamal
Ram ne sabhi cheezo ko itani badhiya tarike se sambhala tha ki kai department
to bina Kamal Ram ke bina ek din bhi kaam nahi kar sakate the. Kamal Ram ne
shadi nahi ki thee to parivarvaad yaha par havi nahi tha aur shayad isaliye hee
Rashtriya Hindu Party ka har Neta ab Pradhanmantri Banana chahata tha.