Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Windows Nokia & My Pain

“People should be of dynamic nature to get success.”

When people around me were switching to Android based
platform. I decided to stick my brand Nokia. I started using mobile in in 2006.
I switched to almost 9 Nokia mobiles from 2007 to 2013, some the mobile I
purchased were Nokia N72, N81, E63, E5. I was satisfied customer of Nokia until
I purchased the Nokia Lumia, windows based OS.

In my 1st day only I started believing that I
made wrong decision this time with Nokia windows phone. Nokia missed many basic
feature in it’s windows phone which is there in basic nokia mobile.  Sound control system and there sync with many
audio feature applications were one of the basic problem.

In my last 10 month use of Nokia Lumia, I visited Nokia service center 3 times. You can understand the pain I am taking all the time. I
wasted my ample time visiting service center of Nokia. Every time they collect
my mobile & make me sit in service center for an hour or two. Some or other problem was always there in mobile and they failed to diagnose it. 

I have heard the news that windows has decided to buy Nokia.
I will suggest windows that if they want to buy Nokia for it’s brand name then
there is nothing left. If window has decided to purchase Nokia so they can get
ready made manufacturing unit to manufacture their windows phone then it’s great
for them. I’ll also suggest them to launch their 1st phone from
independent new name than putting Nokia with them.

Once upon time Nokia Mobile was also known for it’s resale
value and sad to see that now it has lost it’s 1st hand value. There
are lots of things to learn from Success to failure journey of of Noika at the
last R.I.P Nokia.

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