Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Babas & Bapus

India is country of rich culture back ground. As per our
Vedas after a particular age people should go to forest to make jap-Tap. I read
many time that Sadhu & Sants are people who don’t have any interest in
Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Mad, Moh. But in changing India Babas & Bapus have
changed the definition of Holy Man.

Babas & Bapus started to coming into city for their
pravachan. The clean shaven Babas & Bapus with makeup were started
preaching as Holy Man. They have proper marketing team for advertising their
pravachan & brand name. Babas & Bapus started signing unwritten
contract with people to visit city & village with minimum guarantee amount.

We also came across Babas & Bapus named in Murder, Rape,
Money Laundering, using various sources to get have fun and living life of Rich
Man than Holy Man. They travel in AC car in best luxury model, they carry
security with them, leave in palace like places and servants around them
serving their all needs.

We also saw that It’s almost difficult for Police to arrest
or put Babas & Bapu behind bar. In ancient era The Holy Men were having
internal power to control the things from their mind. In modern era Babas &
Bapus don’t command any such kind of power but they have power of money &
name. Buddha left his all the power and started practicing Sanyaas. Present day
Babas & Bapus pretend to take sanyaas and then start collecting power.

Babas & Bapus became so powerful. Have you ever thought
for reason of their power?

It’s political class who has extended patronage to Babas & Bapus. Many of the Babas & Bapus only convert white money into black & Black Money into white. Babas & Bapus are owner of Benami property of many politicians.

The recent death of Late.Dabholkar is one of the example of Babas & Bapus power. There business USP is superstition in the mind of people. so they killed person who was fighting against Jadu-Tona business. but this time I blame my self & people of India for birth & growth of Pakhandi Babas & Bapus.

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