Thursday, 22 August 2013

Why Tharoor is Good option !

Rajdeep Sardesai told “In
the age of marketing, there is perhaps no social category as attractive as the
urban ‘youth’ brand. The MTV generation has spawned channels, products, a
lifestyle designed to promote this ‘youth’ culture. And now, in the battle for
power in the next general elections, it is this ubiquitous youth factor that is
expected to play a bigger role than ever before.

In 2014 general election number
of voters between age of 18 and 23 will be 110 million of the 800 million
eligible voters.  Rajdeep farther told,
This is, in a sense, the Virat Kohli generation, not even the Sachin Tendulkar one: their appetite for Twenty20 cricket is translated into their life goals: a generation which is aggressive, aspirational, consumerist and impatient for change. This is an India, especially in the metros, which has only used mobiles, never seen a black and white TV, is Internet savvy and never heard of the Soviet Union."

I enjoyed reading Rajdeep’s
post “Making a connection”. He crafted all his points very well and most of the
skills are yet to be born in Mr.Gandhi, I can see them in Shashi Tharoor. I
know Mr.Gandhi for spending night in Dalit Family, travelling in local train of
Mumbai, carrying half bucket of sand with labours & going Bathha Prasaul
for photo session. I don’t
think Rahul ever tried to learn anything about India like Tharoor did. I see Tharoor as visionary.

Shashi Tharoor is very
active in parliament session. We can see Shashi on news channels defending the
undefendable congress. We have seen him attending press conference, going to
book release show, interacting with people. Tharoor was 1st Indian
politician to cross million follower on twitter & tech savvy Tharoor has
his FB page with all updates. I myself communicated many time with Tharoor. I
mostly found him inspiring and Tharoor can motivate youth, which we don’t see in
Rahul Gnadhi.

Congress should start
promoting Shashi Tharoor as their 2014 election PM candidate than Rahul Gandhi.

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