Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Rise of Modi

BJP will soon declare Shree Narendra Modi as their Prime
Minister candidate for 2014 election. It’ll be great to see the journey of of
NaMo from A Tea Stall boy to the Prime Minister of India. Narendra Damodar Modi
a boy from Gujarat will lead the India on National & International level
and If Modi will become Prime Minister then soon US will come with invitation
of VISA.

I can write lot’s of good things about Modi but I want to
concentrate more on the reason of Rise of Modi. Modi the 3rd time CM
of Gujarat became so important for politics of India. There can be various
reason for his rise but major people believe that It’s Modi’s PR agencies
helped him to become a key member on National MAP, promoting his work of Gujarat
on National platform.

The Development of Gujarat & PR Machinery did less work
for Modi than the failure of congress & millions of unspoken words of Shree
Manmohan Singh. Manmohan Singh Ji and his silence helped a lot to Modi. Scam
after scam of UPA helped a lot to Modi to become National Figure & I
strongly believe that congress attack on Modi in name of Godhra helping him
more than damage.

Congress strongly believes that Modi is no threat for
congress in 2014 election but We can see that congress has appointed many spoke
person to talk against Modi & damage his reputation than promoting congress
& Bharat Nirman. In last UP election we saw Rahul Gandhi talking more about
BSP than promoting his own party work & He got the result after election.

The Failure of UPA, Congress & silence of Manmohan Singh
is reason for The Rise of Modi.

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