Monday, 19 August 2013

Letter to PM on Independence Day speech

Dear Manmohan Sir,

I appreciate all your effort you took to deliver speech on Independence
Day. I know the pain to stand and keep talking for an hour on facts which is
not acceptable by Yourself. I liked the way you took stand on Pakistan though
many feel it’s not hard enough for neighbor like Pakistan. Media was not
expecting much from you and they were rather waiting for Modi’s speech.

Sir, You spoke very well about all the past GOOD work done
by congress government from 1947 to till date. I always read in my history book
that it’s congress who worked hard for independence of India and your party
RULLING India from last several decades so congress is responsible for present
situation of India.

I am not interested what you did in past. I am more
interested what you are doing in present. FII’s are going out, FDI is not
coming in, Rupees is falling down. We are importing oil on higher price due to
fall of rupees. We increased our coal import as we can’t mine coal in our
country as unethical procedures followed for allotment of coal mines. Who is
responsible for this situation?

Economists are forecasting that India’a economy situation will
become worst. There will be increase in unemployment. Our Industry growth is
declining due to various unfavorable government policies. Food Security bill
will increase our Current Account Deficit but your government wants to do holy
bath of Ganga due to all scam in past so you want Food Security Bill to be
passed before election.

I learnt that you are one of the best economists in our
country and helped India in 1991 from sovereign debt crisis like situation but
this time you yourself forcing India into sovereign debt crisis. So I am
expecting you to come with speech where you will provide solutions for my
concerns raised above than talking about Glory days of Past (which I never saw).

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