Thursday, 22 August 2013

Why Tharoor is Good option !

Rajdeep Sardesai told “In
the age of marketing, there is perhaps no social category as attractive as the
urban ‘youth’ brand. The MTV generation has spawned channels, products, a
lifestyle designed to promote this ‘youth’ culture. And now, in the battle for
power in the next general elections, it is this ubiquitous youth factor that is
expected to play a bigger role than ever before.

In 2014 general election number
of voters between age of 18 and 23 will be 110 million of the 800 million
eligible voters.  Rajdeep farther told,
This is, in a sense, the Virat Kohli generation, not even the Sachin Tendulkar one: their appetite for Twenty20 cricket is translated into their life goals: a generation which is aggressive, aspirational, consumerist and impatient for change. This is an India, especially in the metros, which has only used mobiles, never seen a black and white TV, is Internet savvy and never heard of the Soviet Union."

I enjoyed reading Rajdeep’s
post “Making a connection”. He crafted all his points very well and most of the
skills are yet to be born in Mr.Gandhi, I can see them in Shashi Tharoor. I
know Mr.Gandhi for spending night in Dalit Family, travelling in local train of
Mumbai, carrying half bucket of sand with labours & going Bathha Prasaul
for photo session. I don’t
think Rahul ever tried to learn anything about India like Tharoor did. I see Tharoor as visionary.

Shashi Tharoor is very
active in parliament session. We can see Shashi on news channels defending the
undefendable congress. We have seen him attending press conference, going to
book release show, interacting with people. Tharoor was 1st Indian
politician to cross million follower on twitter & tech savvy Tharoor has
his FB page with all updates. I myself communicated many time with Tharoor. I
mostly found him inspiring and Tharoor can motivate youth, which we don’t see in
Rahul Gnadhi.

Congress should start
promoting Shashi Tharoor as their 2014 election PM candidate than Rahul Gandhi.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Rise of Modi

BJP will soon declare Shree Narendra Modi as their Prime
Minister candidate for 2014 election. It’ll be great to see the journey of of
NaMo from A Tea Stall boy to the Prime Minister of India. Narendra Damodar Modi
a boy from Gujarat will lead the India on National & International level
and If Modi will become Prime Minister then soon US will come with invitation
of VISA.

I can write lot’s of good things about Modi but I want to
concentrate more on the reason of Rise of Modi. Modi the 3rd time CM
of Gujarat became so important for politics of India. There can be various
reason for his rise but major people believe that It’s Modi’s PR agencies
helped him to become a key member on National MAP, promoting his work of Gujarat
on National platform.

The Development of Gujarat & PR Machinery did less work
for Modi than the failure of congress & millions of unspoken words of Shree
Manmohan Singh. Manmohan Singh Ji and his silence helped a lot to Modi. Scam
after scam of UPA helped a lot to Modi to become National Figure & I
strongly believe that congress attack on Modi in name of Godhra helping him
more than damage.

Congress strongly believes that Modi is no threat for
congress in 2014 election but We can see that congress has appointed many spoke
person to talk against Modi & damage his reputation than promoting congress
& Bharat Nirman. In last UP election we saw Rahul Gandhi talking more about
BSP than promoting his own party work & He got the result after election.

The Failure of UPA, Congress & silence of Manmohan Singh
is reason for The Rise of Modi.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Chennai Express - Review

Flim critics surprised from the Box office collection of Chennai
Express. I also read that Chennai Express broke all the records of Box Office
collection. On Social platform people like Bhupendra chaubey, Derek O’Berin,
Ravish Kumar expressed their view on the poor script of Chennai Express. So why
after so many comments from critics and people Chennai Express became such big

Sharukh Khan’s effect was the major reason for the success
of movie. Though few people felt that script was poor but Sharukh stardom made
the movie one time watch. It wasn’t so bad that you can’t go to watch this
movie for one time.

I went to see Chennai Express as Rohit Shetty directed this
movie. I have seen all the Hindi movies of Rohit Shetty till date so I know his
kind of direction and I will give Rohit 4 out of 5 for direction of this movie.
I deducted one point because there was very less Action of cars.

Deepika Padukone’s South Indian hindi was entertaining and
singing of SRK & Deepika’s were also good. I saw everyone on cinema hall was
enjoying that scene. The last song of movie dedicated to Rajnikant Sir was awesome.
Overall movie was entertaining as Rohit Shetty’s fan.

Letter to PM on Independence Day speech

Dear Manmohan Sir,

I appreciate all your effort you took to deliver speech on Independence
Day. I know the pain to stand and keep talking for an hour on facts which is
not acceptable by Yourself. I liked the way you took stand on Pakistan though
many feel it’s not hard enough for neighbor like Pakistan. Media was not
expecting much from you and they were rather waiting for Modi’s speech.

Sir, You spoke very well about all the past GOOD work done
by congress government from 1947 to till date. I always read in my history book
that it’s congress who worked hard for independence of India and your party
RULLING India from last several decades so congress is responsible for present
situation of India.

I am not interested what you did in past. I am more
interested what you are doing in present. FII’s are going out, FDI is not
coming in, Rupees is falling down. We are importing oil on higher price due to
fall of rupees. We increased our coal import as we can’t mine coal in our
country as unethical procedures followed for allotment of coal mines. Who is
responsible for this situation?

Economists are forecasting that India’a economy situation will
become worst. There will be increase in unemployment. Our Industry growth is
declining due to various unfavorable government policies. Food Security bill
will increase our Current Account Deficit but your government wants to do holy
bath of Ganga due to all scam in past so you want Food Security Bill to be
passed before election.

I learnt that you are one of the best economists in our
country and helped India in 1991 from sovereign debt crisis like situation but
this time you yourself forcing India into sovereign debt crisis. So I am
expecting you to come with speech where you will provide solutions for my
concerns raised above than talking about Glory days of Past (which I never saw).