Friday, 26 July 2013

Top 5 Model for President Post

Political Class in India is always complaint that our youth don’t have much Interest in Politics but at same time they never did anything great to attract youth in politics. It’s very difficult to get youth to read and understand politics and specially Y generation don’t like lady in saree or gents in khadi to lead them with old traditional way.

It’s time for Political class to give something interesting to the youth and to Y generation so make politics interesting. There are lots of debates going on for President post of India. Here top 5 nominations who can make Politics more Interesting as I don’t think they have much to do in their own field.

Poonam Pandey               :               Bikini girl will generate as much crowd required at any place across India. People will come to vote for her in highest temperature of Rajasthan.

Yana Gupta                         :               We all know that she has best Quality to show her G spot by mistakes and there lot’s people across India who wants take glimpse of same.

Sherlyn chopra                  :               You can call  her at any time on your place for what you know best than me. She is best and can serve this post better than anyone else to make youth happy.

Rakhi Sawant                     :               She talks like shit. She always make sure that you smile when she talks. If she will become president then youth will listen each and every speech of her.

Sunny Leone                      :               You all have seen sunny in her best pose. I am just thinking about flavor she can add to Politics of India. 

Lets vote and share to make your wish possible.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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