Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Memorial or Development

In a country like India where
religious views matter more than Political views it isn’t
new that from ages we (or to be precise our
Political leaders) are fighting for Memorial of people persons
who are no more alive. Taking the lead from all of them Shree Mayavati Ji has constructed her own statue in Lucknow which
created lot of controversy in political class of India.

We saw many sex changes in our country, The Biggest change I
remember is Victoria Terminus renamed as Chhatrpati Shivaji Terminus. We
changed the name of our Best City Bombay and made it Mumbai, where as across
the world everybody even now calls it as Bombay. There is
history of naming ceremony in our Country.

We are country of people where we worshiped Human being as
God. Buddha, Sai Baba and Babasaheb Ambedkar are few examples of persons who
are now God. We even gave chair of God to Flim Actors. There are temples of
Amitabh Bachchan & Rajnikanth in many places in India. There are many
hardcore fans of Rajnikanth who are doing Abhishek of his posters with Milk on his every birthday.

Political leaders are more interested in changing the name
of Cities, Roads & Stations than talking about development of same Cities,
Roads & Stations. Is changing name of Bombay solved any issues or
problems of Mumbai? Mumbikars are daily fighting in Train, Bus, on Road for
place to stand, walk, sit or drive. Change of name just increased paper work
across every part of Maharashtra and gave political mileage to Politicians.

Have you ever thought why Political leaders always liked
these naming ceremonies?

Development is not as easy as naming ceremony. Development
requires proper plan & execution of plan. We all know most of our
political leaders came in politics from their vote bank of cast Quota. Political leaders are
fighting to protect their cast to get ruined by other people. The person who
became leader never thought that he has to get involved in development of
infrastructure, economy or GDP.

We the People of India selected our leader to protect our
cast to make our cast presence between people of other cast. We elected our
people to show power of our cast on Map of India that’s the reason we are
country of political leaders who are fighting for Memorial and not development.

Doing Kamaal,

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