Thursday, 25 July 2013

Invicuts – Mandel – India

In last week, I saw a movie called Invicuts. Invicuts is
biographical sports drama. In the film Nelson Mandela used sports as medium to
unite the South African. He tried to address the racial discrimination between
the Whites & Black to maintain the peace in the South Africa. The meaning
of Invicuts is undefeated. In the movie the Rugby sports team inspired by
Mandela won the world cup for South Africa. The game of Rugby and winning the world cup
unite the nation and make white & black close to each other.

On 11 February 1990, Mandela (Madiba) is released from
Victor Verster Prison after 27 years spent in Jail. Four years later Mandela is
elected the 1st Black President of South Africa. His Presidency
faces lots of challenges like poverty, crime, unemployment, development &
racism. White Men put Mandela behind the bar but Mandela behaved like matured
person and started thinking for country than personal revenge with White Men.
The Dedication of Mandela helped South Africa for their journey of development.

In our country Politics is played on major issue of
religion, cast & sub-cast. We don’t have leader who can unite us like
Mandela did for the South Africa. He didn’t promoted black guys to take over
springboks. He acted to unite the nation than dividing them to win the election
after election. Mandela won every election after that so our Politician can
learn from him that only dividing people is not the only strategy. Unite the
people, let the religion, cast & sub-cast go back seat & develop the

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