Thursday, 18 July 2013

Burqa v/s Khakhi

I am not diehard fan of Modi but I have soft corner for BJP.
I liked Bajpayee Ji more than any Gandhis and that’s reason for my soft corner
for BJP, which is slowly turning to soft corner for Modi. I am writing this
post and after reading it you might think I am biased and have taken side of
Narendra Modi. You can also say that I am trying to defend wrong argument but I
live that up to you. Please spare two minutes to read it.

Congress is only Secular party in India that’s what many of
the spoke person of congress claim. I can see that for Congress, meaning of
being secular party is to talk about Muslims of India & their problems. Congress
doesn’t talk about for solutions for any of the problems other than talking
about reservation. Reservation,which will create more discrimination among
people and more tension among the great religion & cast system of India.

So I would like to conclude here that only wearing Burqa won’t
make Congress a secular party.

Khakhi is worldwide symbol of Nazi philosophy. In India
Khakhi represent The Half paint of VHP & RSS. People in media are discussing
that now Modi is talking about Hindus & promoting khakhi more to win next
election. The election agenda changed from Development to Religious issue. Our
economy is in Doll drum. GDP is going low, Inflation going high. Rupees falling
down & unemployment going up. Even people from congress are also blaming
Modi for changing the agenda.

Who needs to be blamed for change of agenda?

Modi was talking about development and they Congress was
talking about Godhara riots. Modi was talking about growth & Congress was
talking about Godhara riots. Modi was talking about education & employment
& Congress was talking about Godhara Riots. Congress was only talking about
Godhara riots on every positive talk of Naredra Modi. Now when Modi is talking
about Hindus then he is non-secular.

I hope you got my point that who needs to be blamed for change
of agenda. You can differ from my view so post me your feedback will love to
read it.

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