Friday, 26 July 2013

Anupam Kher's play Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai

On 11th November, 2010 in the night Mr.Kher asked on twitter “Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai at NCPA,Mumbai on 12th. Tell me a Surprise of your life tat made you believe in KBHSH and be my guest at d play:).” I twitted with all my surprise in life.

Next day in the morning Mr.Kher asked “For all those who Tweeted about KBHSH element in their life, pls send your details to for passes of my play:)”

I sent my details and got email from his office saying that you’ll get call soon for you pass. I got the call & the lady told me to collect the pass from office as the office is Santacruz so it got difficult to me to go all the way santacruz from south Mumbai and come back to watch the play. I was just thinking about that and my mobile rang. It was again call from Mr.Kher’s office the lady told me to collect the pass from venue.

So guys Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai.

As we all know that Actor keep audience waiting Mr.Kher also did the same thing. Show timing was 7.00pm but Mr.Kher turned on 07.30pm. We were expecting that Mr.Kher will come on stage from any of the doors but suddenly voice came “ Log Bahut Saant Baithe Hai “ the voice was of non other than Mr.Kher but he was not there on stage. Everyone was looking here & there and suddenly we found him on our back side. Kya entry hai boss.

I want to tell you one thing that 1st time I saw an actor in real I met Mr.Bachchan many times on reel life. After the interaction from everyone he started the play. I came to know that why Mr.Kher became star from his 1st movie “Saaransh” . kya baap acting thi yaar. People were clapping on his every dialogues .

We came to know about all ups & down of Mr.Kher’s life from the play as he told “ Mere saath jo 1st half mai hua vo sabhi ke saath hota hai but ab jo 2nd half mai hoga vo sirf mere saath hota hai” he even told that he is Arjun & Mr.Bhatt is Krishna for him. I respect Mr.Kher that he became star but he didn’t forget to give credit to Mr.Bhatt for his success. Aaj kal to log eashaan karne valo ko sabse pahale bhula dete hai.

I didn’t notice that my watch is telling me that it’s 10 O’Clock as the play was so great that I didn’t listen to my watch. I must salute Mr.Kher that with single star cast he did such a great job which most of our movies failed to do with Mega stars.

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