Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Fakemfake - RTI views

If political party will come under RTI so what will change. Kuchh to
jaroor badlega aur jo badlega vo bahut badhiya hoga. RTI par har party
ke bichar janane ke liye hamre fakemfake reporter ki report.


We fought very hard for RTI. we welcome the decision but we don't
want that people should know about How much we spent on Madam's trip
from India to Italy.


We also welcome the RTI decision but
isn't RTI will show that Lal Krishna Advani became total failure though
we spent heavily on his PR.


Papa kahete hai RTI me Gunddo ki jankari dete dete ham thak jayenge.


People will come to know that our political symbol is elephant but we
distribute bicycle during election to voters. Hathi Chale Cycle Ke

Shiv Sena

We'll disclose our annual Thod - Fhod list
& how many reporters are bitten by our workers. How much stones we
pelted on News vehicles.


We'll only answer all the reports in Marathi.


so it means under RTI we have to show how many cartoon artist we sent behind bar.


We'll disclose how many movies shot in Kashmir but they didn't give credit.

यहाँ आप जो भी पढ़ते है गलत पढ़ते है . यहाँ लिखी किसी भी बात का वास्तविकता से कोई लेना देना नहीं है.

Yaha Aaap Jo Bhi Padhate Hai Galat Padhate Hai. Yahan Likhi Kisi Bhi Baat Ka Vastvikta Se Koi Lena Dena Nahi Hai

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