Friday, 14 June 2013

Fakemfake – election campaign money

Rahul     : Maa, Maa,
Maa, Maa Now Mr Modi is heading BJP poll campaign for 2014 so we have to workhard
& we need more money.

Sonia     : Don’t worry
my son ask some of our minister to do some more scam to get the fund for election

Rahul     : Mama(Manmohan
Ji) is already in trouble due to 2G & coal scam.

Sonia     : Don’t worry
my son, Media is busy in IPL fixing news, Mr.Modi’s appointment as BJP election
campaign & Advani’s resignation and Media knows that we are going to spend
lots of money on  TV campaign so they won’t
discuss any scam.

Rahul     : Ok, I’ll
ask Khurshid uncle to monitor the Scam and this time I’ll ask them to do
something in water as we have already done with Air & Land.

Sonia     : No, Don’t
ask Khurshid last time he messed up for scam of 75lacs. Please ask chidu to
monitor, he is very good with fund management.

Rahul     : Maa, What
needs to be done of that Swami. He’ll get some paper and then start blaming us.
Iagree that Media won’t show his interview but what about Supreme Court.

Sonia     : This Swami
is difficult to handle, please ask digvijay to take care of him. Digvijay can
divert everyone’s attention with his generousness in stupidity.

Rahul     : Ok Maa, all
set but last question.

Sonia     : What?

Rahul     : What about
that Arnab as he will come on the newshour & ask that Nation demand answers?

Sonia     : Give more
funds to his channel for campaign.

Rahul     : Maa, We are
not sure that after fund also he’ll be silent. Even Manish & Abhishek don’t
dare to go on his show to give clarification from our side.

Sonia     : Please pass
some confidential documents of gadkari’s purti group at time now office and
they will get busy with that for few weeks.

Rahul     : Maa, You
are very smart.

Sonia     : Please stop
calling me Maa.

Rahul     : I am going
to UP next week so doing practice of Maa word.

यहाँ आप जो भी पढ़ते है गलत पढ़ते है . यहाँ लिखी किसी भी बात का वास्तविकता से कोई लेना देना नहीं है. 

Yaha Aaap Jo Bhi Padhate Hai Galat Padhate Hai. Yahan Likhi Kisi Bhi Baat Ka Vastvikta Se Koi Lena Dena Nahi Hai

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