Wednesday, 29 May 2013


I started my schooling in 1992. I used to go to school in
uniform, which was same for all the students in my school. I used to fight with
my parents that I’ll go school in new clothing but they never allowed me. I
grew up with my friends studying & playing in school and was never aware
about term cast or gender inequality.

I passed my 10th exam and started applying in various
colleges. I got the admission in college of my choice but my two friends applied
in one college and only one got the admission in that college. I was surprised
to know that the guy who scored less got the admission and guy who scored high
numbers got rejected.

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isaai ! Sabhi Hind Me Bhai – Bhai !!

Bhgwan Ne Insaan Banaya Aur Insaan Ne Dharm Banaya,
Jaat-Paat banaye.

Do you know why there was uniform in school? So everyone
should in school treated equally & people should follow discipline. They
taught us everyone is equal. Majhab Nahi Sikhata Aapas Me Bair Rakhna. But after
passing 10th I realized NO ONE IS EQUAL. If you have cast
certificate then you are step above than person who is not having cast

Cast certificate became merit for people, who failed to
score well but got the admission is medical or engineering colleges on basis of
their cast certificate & I realized NO ONE IS EQUAL. You have grace years
to apply for government job on basis of cast certificate & I realized NO
ONE IS EQUAL. In government job they reserved seat for promotion on basis of
cast & I realized NO ONE IS EQUAL.

Grampanchyat Polls have reservation on basis of cast & I
realized NO ONE IS EQUAL. I learnt so many thing in school but later on realized
that all moral education taught to us in school is changed in real world & I
realized NO ONE IS EQUAL.

Political class is asking for more reservation on basis of
religion & cast then they want me to believe that Every ONE IS EQUAL. They
say we should believe in democracy and they manipulate the law of democracy and
forced me to believe that NO ONE IS EQUAL.

Doing Kamaal, 
Kamal 'Pandit'

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