Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Ek Thee Dayan By Himmatwala

2012 was the year when we saw some of the best movies of
bollywood. We saw Gang of Waseypur, Pan Singh Tomar, Kahani and many more such
great movies. People and critics appreciated Anurag Kashyap, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Sujoy Gosh for making such great movie. 

2013 started and few of Bollywood Director didn’t like the
great year of 2012 and made movies like Himmatwala & Ek Thee Dayan. I
deserve Bharat Ratna for watching both the movies. Only a Himmatwala can dare
to watch movies like Ek Thee Dayan & Himmatwala.

The Great Director of Industry Mr.Sajid Khan came with
Himmatwala. It was remake of Jitendra’s film. The Great Director is well known
for his satire on the Indian film industry. We all know his fight with Ashutosh
Gavarikar for his comment on Aushotosh’s movie.

Ajay Devgan – that was biggest joke. Ta Thaiyya Ta Thaiyya
Ho Ho…… Jitendra’s one of best dancing skills had been used in the movie and
Sajid forced Ajay to dance on the song. We all know the dancing skills of Ajay
but Sajid Khan wasn’t aware I guess.

I don’t know why we fit songs in movie when there is no
need. De Bam Pe laat – there was no need of the song in the movie but then to
TGD (The Great Director) Sajid Khan added the song in the movie. They also
casted a Tiger in movie thinking that it’ll become Life Of Pi – II. Himmatwala
was not a movie. It was disaster.

Ek Thee Dayan – I wasn’t expected Vishal Bhardwaj to Pen Down
such a story. They promoted the movie as Horror flick and after watching it, I realized
that it’s comedy movie and marketing team goofed up with the product details
and promoted it in wrong way. Movie was joke. It was having a great song “Tote
uad gaye Phur Phur karke”, I just don’t know what was need to add this a song
in movie.

I wish that Justice Katju should file case on Himmatwala for
making people fool…….oh .. TGD himself became fool after this movie so Katju
can concentrate in some other controversial news and let himmatwala RIP.

Doing Kamaal, 

Kamal Upadhyay

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