Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Is 3rd front a good option?

All the News Channels are showing result of opinion of Mid Term poll. SP is coming on No.3 in all opinion polls after BJP & Congress. Mulaym is demanding enquiry committee on coal scam which involves name from Congress & BJP. Congress has made it clear that there won’t be any enquiry committee as CBI is probing matter. BJP is not allowing parliament to function till Congress won’t appoint Enquiry committee.

Congress and BJP both are gaining bad name in coal scam and People like Arvind Kejariwal is campaigning against Congress as well as BJP, chances are getting more stronger for 3rd front to win more seats in coming Lokshabha election of 2014. We all know that now ruling in center is not possible without support of states party specially States like UP which contributes almost 15% share in Lokshabha seats.

Is 3rd front a good option?

We have seen in recent years Shree Manmohan Singh Ji told us that “Coalition Government” is one of the biggest constraints in decision making and policy framing for growth economy. We also saw many of coalition partners crated hurdles for FDI & Subsidy in Congress as well as in BJP government.

We have seen that Congress is having so much of trouble in present situation though they have more than 200 seats in LokShabha so how it’ll be possible for 3rd front where biggest party won’t have more than 60seats. 3rd front won’t be able to take any decision as getting support of more than 200 MP from various parties and across India. So people who can’t see any development in NDA or UPA regime don’t expect too much from 3rd front.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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