Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Top 5 failed media trials

In recent years we saw that how media is getting strong day by day but at same time we can notice that there are few cases where media failed to make any impact than just being bad PR for case and most of the time either there was no fir or punishment to person named in. So here we go with top 5 failed media trial in which declared named person is guilty as per series of investigation by media but nothing happened to that person.


Shree Gadkari was top most in the list, where he was named in forming various bogus company as holding or subsidiary of Purti Group. Time Now was the channel who investigated Gadkari's involvement or relation in this case. Most of the time record produced was seems to looks like that there is something wrong. I do remember that how one of my friend told that now a days it's not a Times Now it's GADKARI NOW. After series of Trial from media we didn't see any progress in the case from government.


The Son in Law of Congress President is second in chart. whose name came in land deal with DLF at Hariyana. Almost every news channel covered this issue with various level of debates but end of day Mr.Vadra got clean chit. as per News channels there were lot's of issues in paying stamp duty & changing land reservation but government found everything as per norms.


If I am not wrong then Headlines Today did operation Dhritrashtra. NGO run by Mr Khurshid & his wife named in some money laundering issue. as per the allegation payment had been made for various social camp which never took place. News Channel investigation showed all the proofs relevant to nail Mr.Khurshi but I don't see any development in this case.


Zee News & DNA came with series of news on Jindal & it's company invovement in cola block scam. They came with various documents showing the fraudulent act to get the coal blocks but the worst part came in light when Jindal published a CD of Zee News guys asking for ad contract. Coal Block & Zee issues are pending in court.


Salman hit & run case haven't seen any progress in last few years. Once upon the time Media was chasing Salman for each & every issues related to hit & run but now the case is moving like turtle in court.

There are many more case to discuss. There is big difference between media & judiciary. now a days most of News channels work for TRP. so there is big difference between Breaking News & Making News. as Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai says Noise can't be News(something like that). most of the time I found Media trial true but same time court found it wrong.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

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