Friday, 18 January 2013

Media to lead Next Indo-Pak War

In last week Pakistan Army crossed LOC & killed two
Indian soldiers and mutilated the body of Soldiers. They cut the head of one
Soldier and left the body behind. It’s not first time Pakistan breached seas
fire. They have breached seas fire many time in past and we all know the
supporting power behind them to do so


Our Media who keeps looking for News got an issue to debate
as scams are no more interesting. There were lots of violence against women in
past but during slow news time Media took Delhi Gang Rape case to earn TRP. I
am not in opinion that Media did anything wrong. They told us that we have to
fight for our rights and no one else will come forward for same.

News Channel came with series of episodes talking about
Pakistan’s role in various Bombing took place in India. Media was looking for
answer from Prime Minister. Government also respondent to Media’s query and
gave statements. We should be happy that our government replied on Indo-Pak
issue, yes yes it’s difficult to get reply from Shree Manmohan Singh.

I was surprised when few people told that Media wants war
between India & Pakistan. People among media only told these things and
supported by people from social circuit. I got few Questions after that as

Q1. Did Media get success in controlling corruption?

Q2. Did Media win to change our system?

Q3. Did Media Jailed any of the corrupt ministers?

Q4. Did Media get success of women?

Q5. Did Manmohan Singh Spoke after media pressure?

In all the above question answer is NO so how come showing
News can lead to war with Pakistan but at same time Media should show the truth
and not to make it entertainment. 

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

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