Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Go to hell Mr.VVIP

Dear Mr.VVIP

I am from Mumbai and writing you this letter because I don’t
like when you come to my city. Mr.VVIP major portion of your chunk belongs to
Political leaders. I have no issue with your VVIP status but please do your
VVIPgiri in Delhi only where you have many connected road to reach a location (Deliwallas
– if you are also angry then you also write a letter for same). In my city we
only have Western Express highway which is carrying vehicles more than it’s

You come to my city for XYZ reason this traffic pandus are forced
to give you priority on road during pick hour. My Boss don’t care who was
fucking VVIP due to whom I spent 30minutes more in traffic and reached office
late. He believes that you should not be there to give excuse for failure. So I
also don’t care for your visit in my city.

You failed to do anything for my city Mumbai. Our infrastructure
projects are 10years behind the scheduled. Mumbai Metro’s development is developing
like Birbal Ki Khichadi. Every year it gets delayed by few more years. I don’t
complaint you for not doing rapid development but same time I don’t want you to
see you on my road, creating trouble for us.

Do you carry horns on your head?

Answer is NO

 then why you want all
of us to stops at our place for 30minutes to give you pass to reach your

Go to hell Mr.VVIP.

Please don’t come to my city Mumbai. If you want to come here
then come like Mumbaikar. Please keep your RED light off. We don’t care who you
are. We don’t care where are you going. We only know that you can’t help us so
don’t create trouble for us.

So at last go to hell, don’t come to my city.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

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