Sunday, 20 January 2013

Award Scam 2012

Thank you Amir, Ajay & Sunny for not being part of any awards show from last so many years. I am talking about all the awards ceremony organized by various companies to honor Indian film industry. I wrote on Award scams before also and I am back again with my analysis from current award show.

In recent Award shows we can clearly see that those Actors are performing or hosting the show got awards. As different actor was performing in different show so winner was different. Every Business Company has own segment of awards for their own brand ambassador to nominate for their awards.

In 2012, Indian cinema produced many best movies of decade. We saw movies like Gang of Wasseypur, Paansingh Tomar & Kahani. We saw the reality of India in cinema. No doubt everyone who saw Gang of Wasseypur believes that it’s one of the mile stone in India cinema but surprised to see that The Movies was nominated in very few categories & won hardly any awards.

In most of the awards ceremonies they even forgot to nominate Paansingh Tomar. There were many unexpected award winners, who were not eligible to be nominated for that category. Irfan Khan & Navazudin Siddiqi should have got the Best Actor award but we know the guy who will dance on award night will only get the award for best actor.

We all watch award shows because we don’t have anything else to watch and we enjoy Sharukh Khan and his anchoring skills followed by his cheap jokes.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay


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