Monday, 3 December 2012

Need Funding for New Business (Babagiri)

I need funding for my new business. I have done my research
and study and came to conclusion that this business is going to rock and It’ll
break even in a year with large profit. There are higher chances that I’ll pay dividend
in same year to my Shareholders. I am going to circulate my business plan to selective
people and company who used to invest money in Start up.

I want my investors to trust me so let me tell you the
product and Business Idea. I am sure after reading my plan you all will be
ready to invest money into my business but let me remind you again that only
selected person having high net worth income and company can invest into my company.
There are more chances that funding will come from some tax heaven countries.

I have already applied for registration for all statutory Government
regulations. I am going to pay 12.36% service tax on my Income and same time we’ll
deduct TDS on all payment made by us. My business will come under Pvt. Ltd
company and soon all ROC formalities will be in place. I have doubt that will
get funding from abroad as my business didn’t come in the category where pre or
automated route is allowed for funding. I am talking with best consultant to
get a way out. Now the Question comes? What kind of business is in my mind?
Why people will invest money in my business?

I am only product for my business. Yes, you got it right. It’s
me who is on sale to generate revenue. I am planning to start Babagiri. I am
having command on Hindi, Sanskrit & English. I can speak for hours and I am
very good at bol bacchan. If you are ready with money so drop me an email I’ll
let you know the plans.

At initial stage I need Few cores for marketing expenditure. In present business condition, we can not generate any revenue
without marketing spends. I need to give ad in TV, I have to publish about my
Babagiri business on hoardings across India and ads in papers agency. I have to book ground and hall for my bol bacchan. I am very much sure
that will make money more than anyone else, soon we'll be No1 in business.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

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