Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Letter to Uddhav Thackeray

Dear Uddhav Ji,

Please accept my condolence on
demise of Shree BalaSaheb. I always admired Balasaheb for his speeches &
cartoons. I heard many good stories about BalaSaheb from various friends. We
all know Balasaheb was person of his words. I admired Balasaheb because I read
in my book

यथा चित्तम
तथा वाचा, यथा
वाच्स्थ क्रिया !

चित्ते वाची क्रियायाम
साधू नाम एकरूपता !!”

i.e A Good person should speak what
he thinks and his action should follow his words. Balasaheab followed this
principle in entire his life.

We all know there are too many
people in various parts of Maharashtra & India who didn’t like Balasaheb’s
way of working & doing politics but after his death everyone admired his
contribution into politics of Maharashtra. Media was doing great stories on
Saheb and things were moving very good. After Saheb you are the next leader of
Shiv Sena and all stories in media were supposed to help you in great manner.




Your sainik goofed up in Palghar
after giving unwanted attention on a facebook comment, which leads to arrest of
Girls. Also as per the news sainik vandalized clinic of his uncle. Here your
people pressed wrong button and spoiled what Media built in about Saheb on last
Saturday & Sunday. Saheb was cartoonist and always made cartoon on various
people & political situation. He believed in free speech & freedom of
expression but sainik did opposite of that in this case and after this incident
in single day people all over India condemned sainik act also at same time they
started writing against Saheb.

I presume this is time when Sena has
to be strong to fight in political situation than fighting with small kid on
writing something for Saheb or Sena. I tried to search your email i.d on google
but didn’t find it & writing on sena’s website was bit difficult. I hope
you will read my letter & make some constructive work for growth of
Maharashtra & Sena.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay  (Mumbaikar)

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