Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi

We all know about Mr. Mohandas Karmchand Gandhi. We all know his date of birth & his place of Birth. You can read about his Qualifications & works in many books. We always read many good things about Mr.Gandhi.

I am listening about Mr.Gandhi from my birth. We can see his photo in every government offices. As per our history Mr.Gandhi played important role in freedom of India, yes he did. We all know that after Freedom of India, congress was in power for many years. What ever history we read, that history was drafted by Congress. You must have observed that we have many chapters about Gandhi & Congress in our History book than any other people involved in freedom struggle. We will find very small part about our Krantikaris like Sahid Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekha Azad and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Our History has been written by Congress government so it talks about Gandhi & Congress. Gandhi was leader of Congress. 
I read one book about Sahid Bhagat Singh. as per the books Gandhi didn't try to save Shaid Bhagat Singh, Datt Guru and Sukhdev. It was possible for Gandhi to save these three. Gandhi didn't save any of three as that will increase the follower of Krantikari and decrease of his own follower so politics is very old. No doubt that Gandhi played very important role in freedom of India. An Indian person Nathuram Gotse killed Gandhi. It means there was section of people who were not happy Gandhi. 

With all respect to Mr Gandhi why he didn't save all our fighter ? It was only due to fear of loss of few followers. Why we call him "Mahatma" ? now a days people use to say that Aamir Khan is best person for marketing. I believe Congress did best promotion of Gandhi to make him "Mahatma Gandhi". A person can not be Mahatma if he let other die due to fear of change in power. It's only congress made him Mahatma.

I am very sorry for Gandhi but want to see other freedom fighter also as Mahatma who lost their life for country and not like Gandhi who killed by our own person.

(I respect Mr.Gandhi but book which I read, forced me to write the other side of possible story. This post is totally based on the assumption derived from the Book on Shahid Bhagat Singh)

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