Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Congress – Arvind – Vadra – BJP

Arvind Kejariwal decided to come into active politics and as
you know when you don’t have power to development and then talk about
development and show the people that who is the culprit in system, due to whom
development is not taking place. Arvind did his best to expose many ministers
involved in scam and corruption charges. We all know that if we’ll throw out MP
with serious charges in parliament then the Quorum will be too less to pass any
bill for development of our society.

Congress came back in power in 2004 after diminishing of
BJP. Congress ministers had thought very less about development and Sonia
Gandhi selected Shree Manmohan Singh as PM of India. We all know selected
people can’t perform better than elected people so we all know what congress
did for 1st five years. There are lists of Congress leaders and alliance
partner named in various scam during UPA regime. Congress suspended many of
them from party but slowly everyone is coming back in party.

Arvind brought some fact on public platform which talk about
dealing between DLF & Vadra. There are some facts and figure shown by
Arvind that how Vadra got benefit of his political relationship to gain money
from purchase & sale of land. As per Congress Vadra is just a normal
citizen of India but all most all leaders of Congress came on various TV
channel to show that vadra is not guilty for anything. Vadra incident is clearly
showing power of family politics and how few people enjoy their status of

BJP is no mood to work as opposition party and that reason
Anna Hazare & Arvind Kejariwal coming on Road to fight for people and fight
against corruption. BJP is busy among them self to decide their PM for 2014.
They talk about religion & temple but nothing about scam & corruption. We
have not seen any of their spokeperson on any News channel to talk against
Vadra & Congress. In back door they are worried that Arvins should not take
name of BJP ministers involved in corruption.

Doing Kamaal,

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