Sunday, 2 September 2012

Raj Thackrey & Youth Support

Youth is power for every nation. We have 24crore
people between age group of 15-24 as per population count of 2011. 24crore is almost
1/5th of our total population. 
We’ll be having 35% population of age group of 15-34 by 2015. It’s one
of the indicators that we need to develop more opportunity for our young
generation. Unemployment is one of the major challenges we are having.

Raj Thackrey talks about migrants and population
coming from outside of Maharashtra and taking employment opportunity and due to
which local people are not getting job. We always blame Raj Thackrey for all
speeches which lead to social tension and which crates tension among migrant

We never noticed or don’t want to notice that when
Raj Thackrey talked about migrant & bhumiputra issues then his vote bank
increased so it means that people of Maharashtra are also thinking what Raj is
telling. I don’t say that Raj is right what he is doing but at same time people
are supporting him it means people have same pinch.

will take action and they will put Raj Thackrey in jail but is that a solution.
“Paap se Grina Karo Paapi Se Nahi” That’s what we learnt that’s what Gandhi
taught us. We’ll Put Raj Thackrey into jail and many new Raj Thackreys will
take birth as it’s not person oriented issue. It’s issue of social problem. It’s
issue of unemployment.

Government should make more opportunity for
unemployed people so once the youth will have job for them self no one will
come on Road to support any issues related to Migrants. Youth is real power
which helped Bal Thackrey and which is now helping Raj Thackrey it’s all
because they don’t find job for them and they don’t see any good future for
them. They see future when Raj Talks about their rights though it’s notional
but it creates huge impact on them. Government should work such a way that
people should see some future.

Raj Thackrey won’t be any issue If Youth has job
in hand.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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