Sunday, 30 September 2012

Ganpati & Politics

In last few years many of the festival changed their
meaning. We celebrate our festival with lot’s of joy & happiness. We have
faith in God and we respect our culture and do celebration. There are many festivals
which people changed as per their need. Ganpati is one of the festival which
changed it’s meaning and way of celebration.

Lokmany Tilak started Ganpati to meet people involved in
freedom movement of India and slowly gradually it became festival. People
changed colour , structure & pandals of Ganpati and with time Nashik Band transformed
into DJ. Songs like Deva Ho Deva was replaced by Deva Shree Ganesh. The posters
of Tilak, Gandhi & Bhagat Singh were replaced by local & state
political leaders.

I am not sure that Danney Boyel is making another movie in
India but there are so many characters you can see across banners of Mumbai who
are fit to be next villain of his movie.”Jab Tak Bharat Mai Cinema Rahega Log
Chutiya Bante Rahnge” the very famous dialog from Gang of Wasseypur is very
suitable for all banners across Mumbai during Ganpati festival. Netas are
posing in different styles, people are trying to be Sanjay Dutt of Vastav or
Ajay Devgan of Singham.

Ganpati became mode to show off political power and

Doing Kamaal,

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