Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Feedback to Arnab for Interview with Raj

Dear Arnab,

I saw your interview with Raj Thackrey. Your questions to
Raj were very balanced and so I found the answer from Raj. He is very much
correct when he said that few news channels interpret his sentence in wrong way
and then make it news for TRP. Raj gave very balanced reply for all the
questions. He is very much right when he says that alliance between MNS &
SS is not just part of their own agreement but also they have to look for
various issues which will take place between two party workers. It’s as good as
study before merger of two companies.

I don’t agree with Raj that when he says that he is not against
any migrants worker of UP & Bihar but his sentences are against people who
want to set their political dream in mumbai but bottom level worker of his own
party miss judge it and outrage against the migrant worker.

I am in Mumbai
from last 25years. I have same concern for Mumbai as Raj has but creating
tension between people is not right way to answer problems of India, again I
want to add that many of the time Many news channels has shown wrong
translation of speeches but yes at same time he doesn’t has nay right to threat
Media people.

Raj is very strong person in Mumbai. He can sue News
Channels who are translating his speeches in wrong way to generate more TRP.
Frankly speaking I myself has witnessed this media bias many of the time. Media
doesn’t listen IF & BUT and make news to gain TRP which is wrong. Everyone
has right of Free Speech but that should not be baseless.

I found your & Raj’s Hindi very nice let me conclude
with shlok in Sanskrit

“ Shateshu Jayate Shoorah, Shashresu cha Pandita, Vakta Das
Sahashre Su” so you both are very good speaker so keep it up for development of

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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