Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Creativity – Religion & Freedom

America’s Ambassador at Libya and three other Americans gunned
down by Islamist Gunman. Gunman was part of mob blaming America for film, they
said insulted the Prophet Mohammad. US president Barack Obama branded the
attack as OUTRAGEOUS and vowed to track down the perpetrators and order the
tightening security worldwide for diplomats.

Mumbai police arrested a cartoon artist named Aseem Trivedi
for making cartoons based in current political situation of India. Aseem used
national symbol to make the cartoon and police put sedition charges against
Aseem after FIR filled against him for creating wrong impression of National

The Picaso of India M.F Husain took self exile from India,
when his Painting on Hindu Goddess Durga, Sarswati and Bharat Mata in nude
position crated trouble for him all over India. There were various cases filed against
him for hurting religion sentiment of Hindus and there were protest all over
India from Hindu Sanghthans against him.

There is one thing common in all the above cases religion
though Aseems case was slight different but he was arrested after someone
filled FIR against him for hurting his sentiment. Attack on Americans at Libya was
outcome of making some movie on prophet, which hurt sentiment of people and so
was the case for Husain.

You have freedom of creativity and your freedom doesn’t mean
that you keep doing creative spins which hurt people religious sentiments.
Hurting sentiment religion many time leads to riots so all creative people
should understand that their freedom of creative line before doing creativity
connected with religions.

Doing Kamaal,

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