Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Barfii at Oscar

I was coming home when I read that Barfi is India’s
nomination for Oscar. I hadn’t seen the movie so I was not the right person to comment
on it’s nomination but this time I was expecting “Paan Singh Tomar” or “Gang of
Wasseypur” for Oscar nomination. But this surprise is not new from panel which
selects movies for Oscar nomination. Few years ago when we were expecting “Black”
for Oscar nomination at that time they sent Mirchi to Oscar.

Let’s talk about Barfii. Ranbir acted very well but that
just not certify that it should be India’s nomination for Oscar most of the scenes
of movies are copied from various legendary film from across Globe. If you will
cut all the copied scenes from movie then there is very weak script writing
leads to very weak story though Anurag successfully directed all copied scenes of
movies but it movie was bit slow.

Barfii won’t get anything in Oscar as we are showing them
what they had seen in 1922. If we have to get award in Oscar then there should
be something original, something which talk some about India or talk about culture,
tradition or people of India. So Barfi is wrong choice for Osccar.

We must have sent “Paan Singh Tomar” or “Gang of Wasseypur”
for the Oscar or at last “Shanghai.”

Doing Kamaal,

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