Friday, 3 August 2012

Team Kejariwal – Politics planning

Anna Hazare announced that they might participate in
politics of India. Anna Hazare told that he will campaign for people who are
honest. Anna Hazare is fighting for Lokpal from long time but other than his
first movement Government never came to them for talk. Civil Committee which was
talking with government on Lokapl draft didn’t get things going as per their requirements.

Anna Hazare did few 
more movement after that but government is no more interested so finally
He announced for fighting election i.e he will only campaign for honest people
and won’t contest himself in this political race. There are different opinion
from every party and class of people for Anna’s announcement but every
political party has welcomed Team Anna’s move .

We all know that when It was a Independent movement at that
time people came and supported Anna without any IF & BUT. Now it will become
Political movement then people thought of mind will change towards Anna and his
team. Politics is not so easy or we must have seen many IPS,MBA & CA as
Ministers.  Anna’s political ambition
will change many equation.

Anna & his Team should go as per following Road Map for
planning 2014 election. If they want to campaign all over India then that will
be one wrong decision. Team Anna should concentrate in Delhi for 2014. There are
7 Loksabha constituency in Delhi. Team Anna should fight on all of 7
constituency and should win. People of Delhi has supported them a lot in all
their movement so it’s time to get their loyalty converted into Vote Bank.

Team Anna 2014 target should be Delhi and after winning
delhi they can rule politics from just 7 seats.

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