Sunday, 12 August 2012

Ramdev’s Turn

Ramdev again came back to Raam leela in August and started
his campaign against corruption & black money. This time Baba didn’t speak
much in his 1st and 2nd days was talking like very mature
political leaders. In past many times he spoke about launch of his own
political party but this time he dropped idea of his own political party. People
from sangh,bjp & aakali shared stage with Baba and now it’s clear to whom
Baba is supporting.

In 2011 Baba Ramdev started his leela at Ram Leela ground.
Baba was too the point on his 1st day and was threatening to revel
many secrets of Government but he didn’t get the chance as same night Police
thrown them out of Delhi. He himself changed his AVTAR and wore girls attire to
leave delhi. Same time there was no doubt that someone had killed him to end
his Jeevan Leela.

Manager of Government is happy now as they can openly say that
Baba is mask of RSS & BJP as all of them came to support him to his leela.
Now Managers of congress can say that Baba’s speech is political and all the
blames are wrong as he is from opposition party. Congress is more than happy to
see Subramanian Swamy, RSS & BJP people on Baba’s stage.

Congress is Happy ?

Isn’t Ayodhya Mandir issue gave chance to BJP to come in
power. Isn’t Baba can turn hindus again into BJP pool. Congress is in –ve areas
in UPA2 performance. Scam after scam, Loss of congress in Bihar & UP,
Terror attack. There are many issues forcing people to think against Congress
and in that Baba Ramdev is taking side of BJP then it should be big concern for
Congress than getting happy.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

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